Cigar Cutters by Jim  is a company that originally began in 2008 producing a closed guillotine embellished cigar cutter with a precisely measured cut to eliminate the guesswork in cutting off too much of a good quality cigar.  It was the intent of the company to produce an affordable, decorated cutter that almost everyone can afford and enjoy.

Cigar Cutters by Jim  was started by Jim Ledoux and Lynn Davis.  It initially began with Jim developing business card holders as a hobby for Lynn’s gift shop in Rockwall, Texas.  Located across the sidewalk in the same area at the time was a tobacco store that Jim frequented and started experimenting with designing embellished cutters.  Over time, the cutters became a somewhat inexpensive novelty that customers wanted and the idea of a formal company was born.

Today, Cigar Cutters by Jim  is still operated by Jim and Lynn with an online retail website while being a wholesale distributor to numerous clients.  The company has added multple product lines along the way which now includes lighters, wine stoppers, flasks, bottle openers ashtrays and other products in the making.  The company has over 40 standard designs as well as the ability to offer custom designs to its customers.  The overall goal of the company is to provide the best customer service with the best quality products that are affordable for every individual to enjoy.

Jim is President and CEO and Lynn is the Chief Financial Officer of the company and can be contacted through