Custom Design Specifications

Cigar Cutters by Jim  produces custom designs based upon requirements as defined by our customers.  Designs are typically corporate logos or other recognizable media.  The designs must meet certain specifications for the manufacturing process as defined below.  Pricing varies depending on the intricacy and color requirements of the design.  Prices are based on an average 6 color logo.  Minimum order quantities apply to all orders.  The minimum order is for logo pieces only.  Product assembly requires a minimum of ten (10) only and pieces may be mixed and matched.  Assembly will be priced separately.

Minimum Order – 100 logo pieces

  • Authorization must be provided by the appropriate decision maker in a signed/written document acknowledging the use of the defined logo on a merchandise product.  This must be provided before a quote will be prepared.
  • Customer will need to supply the design/artwork in a .jpg or .eps file format with a printed .pdf file copy.  Size of logo must not be any larger than 1 1/4” in circumference if circular.  Rectangle size may be no larger than 1 1/4” wide by 1 1/4” tall.
  • If artwork does not qualify for a standard price, a detailed quote will be prepared from one of our respective suppliers.  A rendering of the design will be submitted to the customer for signed approval once the supplier has set up.
  • Once the design is approved, a non-refundable set up fee of $150.00 will be charged as a die fee and a non-refundable deposit of one-half the value of the order will be required.  Upon receipt of the deposit, logos will be authorized for production which takes usually 6 – 8 weeks.  Logo pieces are property of the customer upon receipt of final payment but can be inventoried at Cigar Cutters by Jim  for future use or any unused logos may be shipped directly to the customer.
  • Once logos have been received from supplier, product will be assembled based on order quantity.  Products may be mixed and matched based on the product offerings available.
  • Typical custom order time from initial logo receipt, approval, manufacturing and finished product varies but on average is eight to twelve weeks.
  • Payment terms are MasterCard, VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX or company check (upon approval).

Contact us at or call 214-676-5166 for additional information on our custom orders.